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Another year, another festival. This will be third year for Winter Days of Metal in Slovenia. It is located in great area, surrounded by beautifull mountains of Europena Alps.

In cooperation with organizers and promotors of Winter Days of Metal Festival, we were proud to accept another year to organize transfers for you, all fans of Metal Music. We are only official transfer provider for the event.



We will run shuttles from following airports and cities:

  1. Ljubljana airport from 15 € per person
  2. Trieste airport from 35 € per person
  3. Venice airport from 65 € per person
  4. Treviso airport from 65 € per person
  5. Ljubljana city from 15 € per person
  6. Trieste city from 35 € per person

Shuttle will run by following schedule:
 Before Festival  After Festival
 Ljubljana airport  12:45, 18:30  Ljubljana airport  03:30, 07:00, 12:00
 Trieste airport  15:30, 21:30  Trieste airport  05:00, 09:00
 Venice airport  13:30, 19:30  Venice airport  05:00, 09:00
 Ljubljana city  12:00, 15:30  Ljubljana city  03:30, 07:00, 12:00
 Trieste city  16:30, 22:30  Trieste city  05:00, 09:00

Traveling time is from 1,5 hours up to 4 hours, depending on your pick up/drop off location. Shuttle will operate from 27.11.2018 till 03.12.2018. Private transfers available on occupacy of vehicles. Before 27.11.2018 and after 03.12.2018 shuttle transfers are not available, but private transfers are available.

Meeting points of airports and selected cities:

  • Ljubljana airport: Winter Days of Metal logo
  • Ljubljana city: Ljubljana main bus station in front of McDonalds
  • Trieste airport: Winter Days of Metal logo
  • Trieste city: Trieste main train station main entrance facing Giardino Piazza della Liberta
  • Marco Polo airport: Take left exit from building and walk by taxis and wait at parking of local buses terminals
  • Treviso airport: Winter Days of Metal logo

Important information:
  1. Scheduled pick up times can be changed or cancelled due to insufficient number of passengers. If shuttle should be cancelled or pick up time changed, passengers will receive e-mail notification at least 24 hours before pick up time. In case of cancellation by transfer provider, passengers can accept alternative service as private transfer if they accept additional charge for modification of type of service, or they can request refund, if service was already paid.
  2. When arriving to Festival, all passengers will be dropped of at Mercator supermarket parking, and will be picked up after Festival. Please, do not ask drivers to take you to specific locations, as there might be confusion on return transfers as drivers will pick up only on Mercator supermarket parking.
  3. Booked shuttles transfers are nonrefundable.
  4. Please, make yourself available over emai during at least 2 days before travel, during travel to Festival and during Festival. You might receive some important notifications, that might be critical for you hussle free usage of our services (information as pick up times, changed pick up times...).
  5. Please, take in consideration, delays are possible due to bad traffic conditions because of weather, heavy traffic or traffic accidents. You should understand, Winter Days of Metal is in period of ski season and in winter period, when is hard to predict snow fall or heavy traffic because of migrations of skiers.

 Use this link to start your reservation: book here.

For any information of inquiry contact us on: info@markun-shuttle.com.

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