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Shuttle transfer is shared na low cost service which we offer between Ljubljana airport and Ljubljana city. Special with us is we offer door to door service.


Service is combination between public bus transfer and private transfer. It is lot more price friendly, but comfort and safety are not compromised. Service is interesting because we can pick you up on any address in Ljubljana city (as long it is accessable with vehicle), and swiftly take you to airport. Same is for airport pick up, we take you to any address within Ljubljana city limits (as long address in within inner roundabout of Ljubljana).



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We are offering shuttle service for many years, and gave us some very good experiances how to optimaze service.


Specifics of shuttle transfers:

·Low cost and price friendly

·Multiple pick ups or drop offs, but not more then 3

·Service is scheduled and they are adapted to flight arrivals and departures

·If you wish to set your own pick up time, then we suggest to use our private transfer service. We will pick you up at your wish and you will not share your vehicle

·We have our own terminal on airport and you will not have any problems with locating us

·Shuttle service is offered every day in a year 

 ·Price is fixed and without hidden costs. Price is 10 €  (when booked for 2 or more passengers) per person as long as your pick up or drop off address is within inner round about of Ljubljana city. When booked only for 1 person price is 15 €.

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